Industria Pizzeria And Bar

Gill is back with another Hamilton area restaurant suggestion. This one sounds like it’s right in my wheelhouse.

I must tell you about this excellent place downtown I went to last night.  It’s not only a pizzeria, but a bar.  Located at 69 John Street South here in Hamilton, Industria Pizzeria and Bar is definitely a fun version of Sunday dinner at Nona’s. 

What’s On The Menu?

The appetizers are everything from fried Mozzarella sticks to spinach dips.  We had this crusty bread just waiting to be dipped into spicy olive oil.  As for the main meal I, along with one of the others dining with me had vegetarian pizza dressed up with an olive oil and pesto sauce.  I asked for extra goat cheese, and they didn’t disappoint.  Honestly, my mouth’s watering just thinking of it.

What’s It Like?

Like the title suggests, it’s a pizzeria and bar.  You walk up several steps to get into the building, and you are seated at higher bar-like tables.  The food and drink is very reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is somewhere between nona’s kitchen and a neighborhood pub. The service was great and the servers were kind enough to read the menus to us.

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