This Strikes me as Pointless

Last Updated on: 26th March 2014, 02:47 pm

So I’ve been seeing on the news that a bunch of city employees have decided to go on strike. Because of this, libraries, rec centres, snow removal and garbage collection, among other things, have been shut down. And then of course, mother nature has to drop a load of blowing snow and freezing rain on us. Perfect!

I totally understand where the right to strike came from. But I feel like, along with the ability to sue, it’s totally overused these days. Striking and suing are supposed to be extreme mesures. Now, everybody does it for one reason or another. With striking, either they need a new contract, or they have something they want to demand from employers that may not be all that big. So boom! They go on strike. I think if people are getting extremely screwed on wages, there are unsafe working conditions that the employer won’t fix, or something else equally dire, then go ahead. Go on strike. But now it seems like unions set deadlines just to scare employers, and love walking the picket lines. And guess what? It loses all its power.

I know you’re staring at me going, “what are you talking about?” You need your garbage picked up and the sidewalks cleared and such.” Sure I do, but my anger isn’t going to make the city change its mind. All that happens is I get angry at the striking workers. Now you say, “but they’re going to create chaos by not doing the things that keep the city running smoothly.” Not this time. The city already employed other snow plough trucks to do the striking workers’ jobs. Somebody saw different coloured garbage trucks driving around. So I don’t think there’ll even be chaos. Ya see what happens when people strike too much?

Where there is chaos, there shouldn’t be chaos. Striking people are so desperate to cause trouble that they’re impeding people from leaving parking lots that are now available to be parked in for fre because the attendents are on strike. Um, explain the logic in that. I don’t think these people are trying to be scabs. Piss off. It’s your own falt they’re in there en mass. They’re also blocking buses from leaving. Ok, now you’re not working, so no one else should either? Logic is just thrown out the window here, and with it, my patience is gone.

And now you say, “well at least the public will be aware of the issues. Bzzz. Wrong. People see picket signs now and don’t even read them. Again, the effectiveness is gone!

So why do unions make people strike so much? They piss off the public, they piss off their employers, and at the end, they piss off the people they’re making strike because when you’re on strike, all you get is strike pay, chief. Tell me, who wins in this situation?

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