Does the Thought Still Count Anymore?

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 05:14 pm

I know I’m a couple days late for getting this post up, but whatever. Every year I think this, I’m just finally saying it.
When I was a little kid, and Valentine’s Day came around, they always helped us make cards, and told us it was the thought that counted. It was the fact that you thought enough of someone to make them a gift or tell them how much they meant to you. Then, I thought, “Aww? What a cool day! It’s a day to make people feel good for no other reason than because you feel like it.”

Now I’m older, and I see these commercials telling people to buy diamonds because that’s the only thing you can do to show them you love them. And I see couples where one member, usually the girl I’m ashamed to say, gets mad if their significant other gets them something they consider cheap. Shouldn’t they be happy they got something at all? I can see feeling hurt if you get them something and get no acknowledgement of it, or your boyfriend/girlfriend never makes you feel special, and especially not that day. But I don’t know why people have grown to expect expensive gifts as some kind of proof of love. I have one thing to say about that. Bull fucking shit.

You wanna know what I did for valentine’s Day? I bought Steve an 8-dollar CD that he always wanted, he said he’d buy me a computer game of my choosing, and we went out for dinner using gift certificates from Christmas so neither of us had to pay. And we had fun! Isn’t that the point? And that’s more than we have spent some years. Once I got him a chocolate bar because he wanted to try whatever kind it was and hadn’t yet, and I think I might have bought him a stuffed animal. Like come on guys. It’s kind of like the way Christmas has gotten. It’s not about the sentiment anymore, it’s about how much you can spend to impress your friends. Can’t anybody find more meaningful ways to impress people?

Belated happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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