The Terrorists Have Won

Last Updated on: 21st September 2013, 06:02 pm

High School officials in Fort Myers, Florida have
turned down an invitation from the organizers of London’s 2007 New Year’s Day parade,
because they feel that the members of their school band would be “safer in America” than they would be in England due to a greater likelihood of being victims of a terrorist attack there.

“What happens if kids get on a train that blows up,” asked Lee County high school consultant Herb Wiseman, one of the most inappropriately named men I’ve come across in quite some time, when making his case by pointing to last summer’s London train bombings. “We don’t have trains blowing up in America,” he told the Fort Myers News-Press.

That’s true, but don’t forget that England doesn’t have people flying passenger jets into tall buildings full of people either, so it looks like you’re even.

And as usually happens in situations like this, leave it to the kids to make the most sense.

“It’s more probable to be struck by lightning or be murdered in your sleep, than to fall prey to an attack by al-Qaeda
terrorists,” student Ethan Lapham said. “There is no better time to show these terrorists that we have no fear of them. Instead we are forced, through the cowardly acts of our superiors, to hide in shame.”

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