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Last Updated on: 3rd October 2013, 10:37 am

The other day, I got a bit of an eye-opener. I heard about this weird small mailing list called blind tards. IT described itself as a list for the blind to talk about blind people we have met who are exceedingly stupid. I thought, oo what fun! Here’s the place for me to talk about the blink I met on the bus who wanted to suck coffee through a straw because “I’m blind, andI might spill it!” and wanted me to identify all of her food items through the bags they were in. I thought, woo! I can talk about the first week I was at the school for the blind and how I thought I was in an asylum, not a school. Here’s the place where I can hear similar stories and have a giggle. Maybe I can get some cool blog material. Boy was I wrong. Well, at least it gave me one blog post.

Would you believe that a list of 45 can generate more mail than a list of 1000? These people were the most vocal, most bitter, most unhappy and most dejected blind people I’ve ever met. But at the same time, they seemed to take pride in their bitterness and anger and loved to verbally beat up on anyone who did not 100 percent agree with them. I even saw a new member who stated she was born blind and was pretty bitter and lonely. I have one question for her. Why? I partly understand people who go blind being bitter and lonely. They miss their sight, and they miss their friends who have a way of leaving as soon as they go blind because they’re afraid to face them. But if you’re born that way, what the fuck is your problem? If you’re 20-something and are still coming to terms with your disability, how the hell will anyone else deal with it? Maybe I just answered my own question about the loneliness part.

So, all I can say is, I’m happy to unsubscribe! I can’t take that much bitterness, and I’m happy to not feel that way. I wonder if any of them will read this…I hope so.

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