What Say You, Freud?

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2013, 11:30 am

Actually I don’t want to know what Freud would have to say since he’d probably be high as a kite when he said it. But since he was the first one to analyze dreams, and I’m about to talk about a really weird dream I had last night, that’s why I picked him for the title.

Ok, where do I begin? I was sitting in MacKinnon, a building on campus, in class again. This girl came in and sat down beside me, with seven chickens attached to her arm in a ring-like thing. They weren’t in a bag, pouch, cage, or any kind of container. They were just somehow attached together in a circular pattern. What the fuck? Chickens? Attached to her arm? So we’re sitting there andI’m asking her about these chickens. She said they’re part of another class project and she has to take them everywhere. She said the worst part was they always want to peck her arm if she doesn’t have bread around. She said they frustrate her so much that sometimes she just wants to kill and eat them. Finally I offered to get some bread for her. She said sure, but I had to take the chickens with me. So off I went, with the chicken ring. I got on the elevator, and nobody asked me, hey weirdo, what’s with the chickens? They just pushed the buttons. Then the elevator began to swing violently and came to a stop. Then the dream did something dreams like to do. It made the space in the elevator huge, so huge that I had to yell for someone’s attention and ask what happened. They said the elevator was stuck. I asked them to use the emergency phone since I thought the alarm was useless for some reason I don’t know. They found the phone, which was a speaker phone and only went to MacKinnon mainttenance. They said they’d come and rescue us, but it would take a lot of time. Then I got desperate for some reason, and suddenly I was the one who had to dive down onto the next flor. Yes, me with the chickens attached to my arm, had to become a stunt man.

I went head first, screaming all the way, and the chickens started clucking, more than they had in the whole dream, and pecking! They were now pecking my arm like mad! Then I started walking down the street, but it was taking longer than I’d expect because I had to stop and keep the chickens from chewing on me! Then it just…ended.

What is with that? Has anyone ever had a dream like that? Probably everyone’s had weirder, but whatever. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

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