Spread The Word, Don’t Spread Your Legs

Apparently there’s a phenomenon called man-spreading, and no, contrary to my first thought, it is not the business in which you can find Gou Wen.

I guess there’s this trend of dudes sitting on buses with their legs spread apart at a 90-degree angle, showing off their crotches for all to see, and also taking up a couple of seats. It’s such a thing that some cities have put up signs encouraging people to not be such space-hogs.

Ok, I got it. But apparently some men have some, ahem, balls, because they’ve created a petition saying that it’s wrong to point out men for this, it’s physically painful for men to close their legs, and women are just as bad because they bring strollers on-board.

I’m not a dude, so I wouldn’t know if it’s physically painful to sit with legs closed, but I was pretty sure that was a steaming pile of bull. I asked Steve, and he had a good laugh, followed by the comment “You’re not John Homes, close your legs.” Ok I’m not nuts.

And um? That stroller has a baby in it. It *is* another person, so it should take up another person’s space. Dude that’s not even a fair comparison. I might have been fine with it if he said that women sat like that too, so it’s not fair to point out men, but to compare a guy making himself as big as possible because he wants to to a woman bringing a stroller on the bus just illustrates that the author of the petition is, well, a dick.

Wow, there’s a term for everything. In cases like this, I’m kind of glad I can’t see my fellow transit passengers.

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  1. It’s worth mentioning that the dink who created the petition goes by the name Mike Wood. I mean of course that’d be his name.

    And I understand why Mr. Wood can’t close his legs. It takes a serious set to compare strollers and try to cram breastfeeding into the conversation as if it makes any fucking sense whatsoever. I completely agree with your stroller point, but it wouldn’t at all surprise me to see this tool make the argument that our nuts also carry tiny human lives in them and thus should enjoy the same freedom of movement. It’s a stupid argument, but why mess with the theme, right?

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