Back One Day – And Already Asking For Favours

Last Updated on: 5th March 2014, 09:17 am

Alright, Kids. Here’s your mission.
A group of us are walking in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. It’s a great event. The idea, basically, is that you enter a team of 10, each of you fundraises $100 and then show up to the event and walk all night. 7pm – 7am. You, personally. do not have to be on the track the whole time as long as someone from your team is. Each team gets a little area and some people bring tents and take turns sleeping and stuff. It’s a great concept and if your town is having one, and most towns do, you should consider putting in a team. Anyway…

Each team needs a theme and a name. Since our team is largely members of my extended family and my extended family revolves around a construction company we all own, it only made sense to havethat be our theme. We’re all going to wear the yellow and orange vests and our little area will have traffic pilons and caution tape and stuff. Should be fun.

But we have no name. We don’t want to just use our family name. (i.e. The Rectumsnatch Family) as some teams are doing but can’t come up with anything good – or appropriate for the crowd.

So go to it. If you can come up with a neat name, throw it up on the board. Even if you come up with a bad one we’re getting desperate. Also, if you’d like to sponsor our team I’d be MORE than thrilled to throw up the link for people to do that by credit card. It’s a great cause.

Let’s see those creative juices flowing.

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