We have been redeemed!

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 01:31 pm

I’m awake because I’m scared to sleep. I’m in my miserable apartment next to the freaks, creeps and druggies, and my parents have not yet arrived. They’re coming to help me move out of this frightening place, so I came back to stay in it, expecting that they would arrive just after the vampires came out to strike, so to speak. I expected them 2 hours ago. I keep hearing, “thump! slam! bang! stomp stomp scrub scrub bang!” but none of those sounds bring good news. They only bring more hooligans and unknown eeewwwness.

So I decided to look back in the archive to keep my mind occupied, and revel in something we haven’t been able to see in a long time. I even went to the trouble of finding the first time Steve first noticed that our comments get eaten by something similar to the sock-devouring dryer monster. But today, thanks to Haloscan deciding to change its mind, the monster has puked our comments back out so we can read them all again. So we can go back and laugh at Gee, Satan, Greg, and all our other characters who have come and gone, and newbs can finally see some real in-fighting! Thank you, Haloscan! We no longer look like we’re spewing piles of bullshit.

Now..mom and dad, get here so I can go to sleep! I feel like the little kid who’s afraid of the dark. Give me a nightlight!

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