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Last Updated on: 25th March 2014, 02:09 pm

Good Sunday Afternoon Kids,

Before we start. Regarding what Steve posted about my e-mail not working on the comment board. I e-mailed you asking for you to send me something to see if it had been rectified and have received nothing. So either my outgoing e-mail isn’t working either or you did and my account is still fucked up. There is the off chance that you’re a record sized douche and chose not to help a guy out – but I’m hoping that one’s not the case.


I’m 2 weeks away from moving in to my new house with some friends. I’m pretty excited. They’ve already lived there for a year and 2 people moved out at the end of last school year opening two rooms. One was not a real bedroom. It used to be the dining room (but let’s face it, we’re not going to use that) so it was turned in to a bedroom with a little drywall closing off the opening from it to the living room. So it’s not a true wall and keeps NO sound out at all when the party is in the living room. So I passed on that one and took the other, slightly smaller room. Dilemma. It’s walls are pink.

It’s not like a bright florescent pink that glows or anything – but pink nonetheless. Jokes all around I’m sure, but it beats not being able to sleep while people are watching TV and such.

So I plan to absolutely paste this room with posters. It won’t hide all the pink, but may at least draw some attention away from it – and if nothing else – keep me sane.

So I already have a few posters of bands that I like that either were handed out at concerts or came in the CD’s or that I saw when out and about. But I’m in to alot of underground stuff and it’s very hard to find posters for the bands I like.

My friend went nuts with posters in his room and recommended It’s not terrible for sports and mainstream music and stuff. But very little punk. Unless you consider Good Charlotte and the like to be punk. Unfortunately, I don’t.

So there is the option of going to each individual band’s websites and ordering them individually and paying out the ass for shipping and stuff – but that’s not a great option.

So I figured I’d throw this up on the off chance that someone here knows of a good site for punk rock posters. Stuff like Anti-Flag, Rancid, Pennywise, Bad Religion and things like that.

This is almost certainly a futile attempt – but one that had to made. It’s pink people. Help me out here.

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