The Poster Hunt Continues

Last Updated on: 25th March 2014, 02:05 pm

So here’s an update on the most boring of topics – but don’t worry – there’s a reason for it.

Steve’s suggestion of InterPunk was a bit of a bust. They had some alright stuff – but not enough. So I went to A-F Records website (Anti-Flag’s label, and we all know how I feel about Anti-Flag) and checked their merch section. You could get 5 posters, plus a tube to save them from crinkling in the USPS for about 15 bucks. So I did that. I got some cool ones. I’m going to check out Epitaph’s website next. If I can get my walls covered with only 2 shipping/handling charges, I’ll consider my mission a successful one. And Epitaph is loaded with good bands – we’ll just have to see if their loaded with posters for those bands. Anywho…

On the A-F website there was some pretty neat ones and one that disturbed my cousin and I pretty badly.

Not many are farmiliar with the band Pipedown I’m sure – but they’re a pretty solid punk band that sing about all kinds of politics and religion and peace and such things and actually have some pretty good tunes. I’d definitely recommend them. But this poster was pretty out there. It takes you a second to figure out exactly what you’re looking at. But as your eyes begin to focus, you realize you’re staring at a cross. As your continue to be able to focus on this you realize you’re staring at a cross built up of… corpses. That’s right. Just a huge stack of dead bodies forming up the Holy Cross.

Now I’m not one to get offended by this kinda stuff, and to be honest, I totally dig the symbolism – but the brutality of this thing was absolutely crazy. While I like the band, and thought the concept was neat, I didn’t buy the poster. Not that I have that many hardcore Christian friends (go figure eh?) but I do have enough respect for people who worship in their own way to not be hanging this in a room where I may be entertaining at some point.

Still, though, I thought it worth mentioning. The stuff people can come up with. Crazy.

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