Famous Just For Being Famous

Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 12:52 pm

It never stops amazing me how infatuated our society is with the famous. Never at any time in history of their been so many magazines, radio shows, and ET style tv shows all dedicated to just celebrity gossip. It boggles the mind. And we’re all guilty, some more than others, but in our own way. I can’t say I’ve ever bought one of these magazines, but I have in the past while caught myself asking my sisters “both regular gossip readers” whether or not I heard correctly that Nelly Furtado is dating Steve Nash. I mean, who cares? It affects me …. in no way. But it’s just interesting.

Aside: If anyone knows the answer to that question though – it’d be great. I thought I heard it somewhere and then she mentions him in her single which could have just been a shout out to another Canadian making it huge, but I’m curious. Now back to your regularly scheduled uninteresting blog.

Anyway, the people that bug me the most are the ones that are famous, just for being famous. The best example is of course Paris Hilton. Who the hell is she that we should give a shit about? I mean I know she’s the daughter of and heir to the Hilton fortune – but so what. She’d never done any big movies or albums or anything. she was given that retarded show “The Simple Life” just because she was famous for being who she is – and it made her more famous. Well that and a certain tape that you may have heard about.

Irregardless, the point of this entry is not to hate on Hilton or the celebs’ but actually to give credit. (whoa, curveball).

I’m sure most of you have heard Hilton’s new single, or at least that she is releasing an album. I’m actually going to post here, believe it or not, that it’s not terrible.

I’ll give you a moment to recover.

Is it something I would spend money on? No. Of course not. Does it demonstrate a huge talent for music that will see her reach the heights of past divas for their musical contributions? No. I mean she may reach their heights, but it won’t be due to accusations that she can hang with Whitney, Celine and Mariah in terms of great talent. But the song, in and of itself, is not terrible.

It’s certainly no worse than the rest of the pop shit that’s been pumped out over the last 15 years. It has a neat little tune to it that can get stuck in your head, the lyrics are relatively harmless and radio friendly and it’s just in general a kind of happy go lucky sound.

As for Paris’ singing. Well no it’s not great. But it’s not offensively bad either. Now I”m sure our friends in the studio with their awesome computers did quite a bit to help her out in that regard – but again – that’s no different than half of the untalented hacks being shoved down your throat right now anyway.

Paris has been slammed by every media outlet and music reviewer for putting her nose where it doesn’t belong (in music) and I just think that it’s more because she’s an easy target than because the song is overtly terrible. There are much bigger pieces of crap by much more annoying assholes being played across the airwaves right now – and anyone of them would be a better target in my opinion. K-Fed, anyone?

For the record, though. Don’t PAY to get the album. It’s not that good.

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