Ahhh Mother Fuck Hedley!

Last Updated on: 10th May 2013, 07:44 pm

So let me preface this by stating for the record that I’m pretty much tanked as we prepare to head out to the closest night club as they serve up dollar drafts every Thursday (College) Night. So tonight there’s an actual reason for my shitty typing and nonsensical typing.

So tonight Hedley plays it our college pub. We’re not a big college at all so the fact that we could get a band as big (I know it sounds weird) as Hedley is pretty cool. that’s how small our college is. Hedley is big. But we did. And I find thier stuff a little poppy but had every intention of going just because we don’t get many concerts in town here. that was until today.

the guys are assholes. Fuck them. I found the couple hits they’ve had a little catchy for sure – but the attitude sucks. They decide to demmand from our student council a bus full of food. Well whatever. Lots of bands have certain dmmands. So everyone thought it was kind of weird to ask of a college, but whatever. I work for the radio station “presenting” the show so we were involved in getting this all booked. But then today things went too far.

They were down right rude to the people from the station asked to interview them which sucked enough but then the bomb. They demmanded barricades around the backstage, their bus, the stage itself and a few other walk way areas so keep eople away. “we just kinda wanna chiill, do the show and get outta here”. Fuck off. You’re no big shots. Let me contrast this for you.

Last year at this time Alexisonfire was at our Orientation week to perform. Now I’m not a fan but I might be able to say their a bigger band than Hedley – if not equal. Different styles for sure – but just as big. I’m just personally not a fan. Those guys were amazing. They showed up early, they did interviews, they did liners for our station… y’know. all that lame “this is alexisonfire and you’re listening to 91X” kinda stuff that sucks to have to do but is good for your band and our station. NOT ONLY THAT. But after the show they came down in to the pub and starting buying random people drinks. then our pub closes. Taht should have been the end. THEY WENT TO THE RESIDENCES!! They walked out to the college residences and partied with students there.

Now is it fair to ask every band that comes to be that cool? Of course not! but this is s a college show. don’t be big shots. Be cool or say no to the gig altogether.

so this left a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths. fuck our station is presenting and the only people going from the station are the ones who are some how involved. either hosting th eband or announcing them on stage or shit like that. The rest of us all kinds fucked off after their shitty attitude. and word word got around the school quick and lots of people are blowing them off now. We’re having a HUGE party ar our local club for the first night back to dollar drafts on college night. I bet those barricades will come in real handy to keep the 25 people who show up away from these guys.

I mean come on. if a band like Hedley went to any other venue and made demmands tney’d be told “you’re not that big” and pissed on. It’s just because they’re here at a small college show they feel like they can power trip. So fuck them. We have Bedouin Sound Clash (BUY THEIR ALBUM! THEY RULE!!!!!) coming next week and they’re looking forward to spending the entire day with our station doing promo stuff. so fuck Hedley and bring on Bedouin.

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