I Feel Like I Should Say Something…. But What?

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:27 am

So in the last 2 weeks I’ve barely posted anything. Some of that is due to my own reasons, and a lot of it is due to my own laziness. So, we’re going to try one of these “just start typing and see what happens” kinda things. Sometimes these ones generate the most interest, other times they’re complete crap. I will assume the latter to be the case today, but we’ll see.

I bought 2 new CD’s this weekend. The first one is Alexisonfire. I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s certainly not a bad CD but it’s not something that you’re really left wanting more of or anything either. I’ve only listened to it start to finish twice and other than that it’s been just a track here and there as I leave my CD player set on random and there are 5 other albums in there too.

The second one is the one I wanted more and for some reason, I haven’t even taken it out of the packaging yet. It’s a punk compilation album called “Rock Against Bush”. The name is pretty self-explainatory but it’s pretty much just artists coming together to “freely express” their dislike for George Bush and the things he’s done during his time in office. The bands involved was a pretty stacked listing ranging from Pennywise to Anti-Flag to NOFX to the Offspring to even Sum 41 (Canadians??). It looks like it should be a great album but I don’t know why I haven’t opened it up yet considering my excitement when I found it. An album like that, maybe I just want to be able to sit down and really listen to it without much distraction and I guess I just haven’t had the time for that lately.

I’m loving the hockey playoffs right now. I’ve never seen a team that works as hard as the Flames do. They’re as quick as anyone in the league bur rather than use that to play a run and gun style like Tampa does, they use it to get in fast and forecheck hard and hit. It’s amazing. Normally when you think quick team, you think of a team that stays away from the physical side of the game. Not Calgary. They use their speed to make their physical game stronger. I really hope they can get in to the Cup final. I think that whoever wins the East will be the favourite, but it would still be great to see Calgary go for the cup. It’s kinda funny. The biggest hopes for a Canadian team to get this far really sat with Ottawa, Toronto and even Vancouver to a lesser extent. I don’t think anyone thought it would be Calgary. But good for them.

I watched some of the World Hockey Championship and it was kinda neat. Granted, no one had their best line-ups out there since a lot of top guys are still competing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs but the European teams definitely have an easier time getting the stars to come play after they’re eliminated. I mean Sweden, the team Canada played in the final, added Peter Forsberg and Niklas Lidstrom to an already strong team after their teams were eliminated. Canada doesn’t really get that. Our biggest “stars” at the tournament I guess you’d say were Ryan Smyth, Dany Heatley and Roberto Luongo. Those are good players, but I take Forsberg or Lidstrom over any of them on any day. Yet, Canada still pulled out the gold medal. I think it’s great to see that even with what many would call an “undermanned” team we can still pull it out thanks to that good old Canadian grit and will to win. I know everyone else will say that the other teams were undermanned as well, but you’ll never convince me that they were to the same extent we were. I mean come on…

Sweden had Nylander, Forsberg, Lidstrom and Alfredsson.
The Czechs had Jagr and Elias
the Slovaks had Satan (not our regular commenter), Damitra and Sykora

Hell, there are some top NHL guys there. The only team that has a harder time convincing our top guys to come to this tournament than us is the Americans and they still managed to pull out a bronze. (whatever) but I think it just goes to show that it’s all about desire and that’s something that the Canaidan teams will always have the edge in. This all bodes pretty well for the World Cup of Hockey I would think. Sure, the other teams will load up with their top guys, as will Canada, but we’re on a roll baby after 2 strait World Championships and an Olympic Gold. Canadian hockey is in pretty good shape.

Well, I dunno what else to say. I may come back later. We’ll see.

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