The Horror! You Read My Blog!

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2013, 10:59 am

Does anyone else find this statement absurd? Not many people must, because I hear people saying things like that all the time. Things like, “I can’t believe so and so found my blog!” and “I didn’t want so and so to know about that, but he found out on my blog.” There are even settings in blogger to make your blog private or certain parts of your profile invisible to certain people.

Do people not know the difference between public and private? If you’re posting on the internet in a place where access is not restricted, i.e. people don’t have to log in to read, it’s public. If you don’t want people to know certain things, don’t write about them in a public place! If you really want to write about sensitive things, at least find a way to make it hard for people to figure out who you’re talking about! Some people make it so plainly obvious who they’re talking about, and then are shocked and appalled when it gets back to that person. That’s especially funny when their blog’s readership consists mostly of people who have been given the blog’s address. Hmm, maybe that’s not the place to vent your rage about your personal friends if you don’t want them to find out, chief.

It would be like signing a piece of grafiti and then being shocked that someone read it and knew it was you who wrote it. Do people not know that there are little books you can buy, called diaries, specifically designed for keeping private things private? They even have locks and stuff so you can keep most prying eyes out. I sometimes wonder if these people are truly surprised that people found their blogs, or if they just enjoy the drama that comes from saying too much.

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