Hush, Little Baby, Don’t Say A Word, Granny’s Gonna Sell You…Oh No The Cops Heard.

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2015, 01:30 pm

Here comes another story of someone selling a kid. In this one, it was the 12-week-old kid’s grandmother who was trying to sell the poor little boy for $30000.

To make things even worse, the kid’s mom was in jail. If mommy cared about her kid, wouldn’t that be a horrible thing to come out of jail to? Mom: Where’s my baby? Granny: Oh I sold him.

Originally, Patty Bigbee asked for $75000 for the baby, but allowed the buyer to talk her down to $30000. Then the buyer, who was only being called a confidential source, told police, and they showed up too and took Bigbee off to jail. The baby has been turned over to the folks in family services, so mommy dearest may still be in for a surprise when she gets out of jail.

What a mess.

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