Last Updated on: 5th October 2018, 09:31 am

God, all the stories about Steven Page getting busted with a little cocaine are so stupid. They’re all freaking out because his clean image has been shot to hell. So they found some coke on him. *yawn*. Doesn’t every rock star do some kind of drugs at some point? Why is it such a big deal for him? Oh, it’s because he’s just put out a children’s album, Snacktime. They have to mention that every time this comes up. I have never seen another star’s previous album mentioned when he gets busted for drugs.

Come on, people, it wasn’t like he was dealing it, or dealing it to kids as they seem to be implying. If it was just some fun, leave it alone. If he has a problem, let him get some help. He doesn’t need to be raked over the coals any more than any other musician just because he has an image. If people actualy think kids look at rock musicians as role models, they’re snorting something even stronger than cocaine.

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