They got Sick! Real Quick!

Last Updated on: 4th December 2013, 10:30 am

Ok, this just pisses me off because I thought people knew better.

Taken from the story in Google News

A five-year-old boy needed a liver transplant after he and his family were severely poisoned by wild mushrooms they picked in Waterloo and ate for dinner last week.

Ok, how did a whole family miss the infamous don’t put it in your mouth ad? Those certainly weren’t muffins or beets, and they sure got sick, real quick.

Failing that, did this family miss the six zillion warnings I’ve heard to not eat wild mushrooms? The ones that say that they could kill you? How’d they manage it? It never said in the article anywhere that these mushrooms looked exactly the same as some mushrooms that this family knew were eddible. It just sounded like the family decided to go for a stroll and get close to nature and pick some mushrooms they saw along the way that looked yummy. Now, because of their stupididy, their little boy will probably never be the same. He’s damn lucky to be alive, that’s for sure. But it makes me mad that something so stupidly preventable wasn’t prevented.

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