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Last Updated on: 1st May 2014, 11:34 am

I just felt like writing a random post. It sucks, because I can’t remember one of the things I was going to write about as I sit here. Hopefully it’ll come to me.

So it’s less than two weeks until Christmas. So why in hell do I not feel in the Christmas spirit? The Christmas commercials are on, I’ve bought some Christmas presents, the Christmas music is in the stores and the offices. Why do I not feel like singing along? These past few years, I haven’t felt like I’m in the Christmas mood until it’s like Christmas Eve, and then it’s all over and there’s nothing to savour! I don’t even want to watch A Christmas Carol anymore because I’ve seen so many versions and I know how it ends, as much as that part is kind of fun to watch. What is wrong with me? I liked all that Christmas fun. Why can’t I find it now? But I know if there was no Christmas stuff, December would feel so empty.

*bell goes off in my head, or should I say, ding…dong…ding* Now I remember what I was going to talk about. At last, Canadian tire has found a commercial that doesn’t annoy the living hell out of me. No more fiow-plathe kids, no more gift-sniffing dogs. At least this one’s mercifully brief. Maybe this one’s annoying to sighties, but at least I’m not ready to kill any of the characters. Hell I didn’t even know it was for Canadian Tire at first.

I saw Last Laugh 06 on the Comedy Network, and one of the comedians brought up something that had already been swirling around in my head, but I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it until he did. Does anyone else, when they hear about KFC famous bowls, want to hurl?

Ok, they’ve decided to throw popcorn chicken, potatos and corn in a bowl and then, on top of that, slather some kind of gravy and cheese sauce! How did the comedian put it? “Can you pile it all in a bowl so I can eat it like some kind of death row prisoner on suicide watch?” What was his new name for it? The failure pile in a sad bowl? I think I agree!

For a while there, their bowl thing sounded like a nice stew. And then it started to go south. Starting with the, um, popcorn chicken! Why in hell would you put popcorn chicken in a stew? Why not some pieces of chicken that haven’t been KFC’d to death? Then the potatos and corn don’t sound too bad…until you throw a gravy and cheese sauce on top! At that point, the famous bowl starts to sound like dogfood! But apparently, these things are best selling items! Has anyone tried one? Do they actually taste good? Is it me, or should KFC just stick to what they already know? I guess they never will, since these failure piles in sad bowls are doing so well.

Well I think I’m done for now. Maybe I’ll have something else later.

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