Much Love to the Google Help Group and Panther

Last Updated on: 1st December 2013, 03:54 pm

Oh! Watch me dance! Dance and dance and dance! Do you wanna know why? Because a very nice person helped me tweak the code so hopefully it looks better.

Here’s a note to anyone who’s blogging with Blogger. If you need any help at all with your blog, hoof it on over to the Blogger Help group and sign up to the how do I section. You’ll have to have a google account of some variety to sign up. Don’t worry. Even though there are like 35000 members, they only send you one email per day with all the threads in it. If you’re lucky, you will get helped by a user known as Panther. He is the awesome. I need to learn where he got his infinite patience and get some immediately. He put up with my endless barrage of questions and need to nitpick over the details. He also was very cool about the blindness thing.

Not only does he help out the hoards of blogger users, he runs 3 blogs. All Blog Templates Collection, Beta Blogger for Dummies, and Making Money with Google Adsense, Blogging and SEO.

I need to learn a lot from this wise man, and maybe he can help you too. Thank you, Panther!

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