What’s in A Name? Hopefully Not Cancer!

Last Updated on: 11th May 2015, 10:50 am

When you hear www.redgreen.com, or www.airfarce.com, where do you think they go? I think they go to Red Green’s website and the website for the Royal Canadian Air Farce, don’t you? Actually, I know they do. So, what would be the logical conclusion when you see www.cancer.ca? For me, I become frightened. I think that a tumour has developed so much that it has neurons within it and has designed a website to represent itself. Or, someone is evil enough to develop a site rooting for cancer. I picture a banner that says “WELCOM TO TUMOUR TOWN!” and a bunch of links like, “click here for the cancer cam,” “Kick chemo,” “donate to the fight against the fight against cancer,” and “buy your Melanoma merch here!” At the bottom where most people would have their hit counter, there would be a death meter with some sort of catchy phrase like, “Over 100000000 served!” Oh I feel sick now.

But there is a point to all this horrible rambling. Would you believe that that URL actually goes to the Canadian cancer society? Does that make any sense to you? That would be like ford having a website of chevy.com. People, cancer.ca might be catchy, but it doesn’t bring happy thoughts.

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