Child Prodigies?

Last Updated on: 11th November 2013, 07:30 pm

Wow. While I was reading the paper, I came across this story.

Twins, 10, fight expulsion from University of Ottawa

OTTAWA (Jan 30, 2007)

Accusations of age discrimination are being lobbed at the University of Ottawa by 10-year-old twins who were registered in a course before being expelled in the fall.

Sebastien and Douglas Foster filed complaints with the Ontario Human Rights Commission on the basis of age discrimination after the school deregistered them from the Science in Society course they had been attending.

They say the university knew about their age, recognized their status, accepted their fees, issued student cards and allowed them to complete more than half the term before expelling them.

The university said the expulsions had nothing to do with age, but the fact the twins didn’t have high school diplomas and were not in the process of obtaining them.

If what these kids say is true, I hope they win their case. Just goes to show the university is a business first. But I’m so confused. What made them go to university? Who urged them to take university classes, or was it their idea? If so, why? Who paid their fees? What was the last grade they completed before skipping straight to university? What took the university so long to notice them? This is just weird.

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