Raid: Kills Seniors Dead

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2022, 09:46 am

Imagine this scenario. You’re living in your house, minding your own business, when suddenly, police are pounding on your door. They’re convinced some dangerous criminal is hiding in there. After they find you in there, and noone else, they come to realize that your house has been entered into a department-wide computer system as some kind of test case. They apologize to you, and say it will never happen again. But it does. Three times a week for years, police come pounding on your door in search of phantom criminals. This is the story of Walter and Rose Martin.

The elderly couple has been living with this for years, and one of these times, a raid will for sure kill one of them with the stress of it all. They have been assured that the house has been removed from the database, but it keeps happening. The even weirder part is the house’s previous owner had dealt with a similar situation, only his was caused by a devious neighbour calling in false complaints.

Why the hell would you enter a random house into a system for testing purposes? It’s about as bad as putting drugs in random people’s bags to test drug-sniffing dogs.

The police say this should stop, but the Martins are understandably sceptical. I say if there’s even one more raid, they should sue the police for this. They should be compensated for living through 8 years of false raids.

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