Like a Kid in a Candy Shoppe!

Last Updated on: 28th June 2018, 01:06 pm

This is going to be the weirdest post ever. On second thought, that’s a tall order, writing the weirdest post ever. What would this post have to top to get that award? I’m not sure. That’s a hard one. Would it have to beat the guy who burped in Steve’s ear at the mall? Or maybe the guy who slapped Matt’s ass at the hockey game? Or maybe you have your own ideas for the weirdest post. But this one’s going to be a little weird and twisty and…hopefully not boring.

I discovered the coolest place ever. An online candy store! They’re Canadian, they’re cheap, and they have a zillion different kinds of candy from a bunch of different countries! Oh, and if you’re Diabetic, there’s a whole section for you. Their website could use a little work, so don’t be frightened away by the spelling errors. They are a real store and they will ship the shit you order. I know, I’ve already received an order from them.

And here comes the weird part of the post. Long story time. Some people know that part of my hotmail address is froozle. I picked it back when I didn’t think anyone would actually be emailing me there. I picked it back when, *gasp*, you could make free phone calls on MSN Messenger. As soon as I picked it, they started charging. Bastards! I’m always late to catch a train!

So anyway, someone was teasing me about this froozle hotmail account, and then started calling me other things, like froozy and frooze and such. So one day, just for shits and giggles, I typed frooze into google to see what would come up. Not much did, but one thing did come up, these candies called Frooze Pops.

I was intrigued. They were apparently some kind of jelly-filled lolllypop…or something made in China. The descriptions were so vague. I said one day I would try them, just to say I’d tried Frooze Pops.

I went in search of these things, and found a place in the states that would sell them to me. But the bastards wouldn’t even tell me how much shipping would cost, and the order was going to be a lot of money. I wanted to try them, but not for that price. So I kept looking, and stumbled into the Candy Shoppe, and they had them!

I got my order, and tried a couple today, and they’re weird! They’re these little sticks with these big plastic caps on them. Tied to the stick is this tag, and who knows what it says. I’d love to know. Anyway, the candy isn’t in the plastic cap on top, it’s in the stick! You suck on it and this funky jelly comes out. Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re done until you’ve squeezed and squished the stick every which way. It’s good, but it’s weird! So now, I’ve tried Frooze Pops. That is no longer a mystery. And I’ve found the coolest candy store ever in the process!

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