We want your Savings Since We’re Missing Our Souls.

Last Updated on: 13th January 2017, 07:00 am

Wow. I think it would be a miracle if these assholes could sleep at night. The sad thing is they probably can.

During their fund-raising campaignes, hosts on the Miracle Channel would strongly advocate that their viewers cash out their RRSP’s and donate them to the station. Choice quotes like “There is somebody right now watching and God is speaking to them about RRSPs. They’ve got RRSPs and they’ve got a sizable amount and it’s a security thing. Well, it’s not a security thing; your security is in God. And God’s speaking to you to cash those in. I dare you to do it.” make my blood boil. Scammers and assholes, all of them. Anyone who has the sheer, unadulterated gall to ask for someone’s life-savings should spend the rest of his life eating out of a dumpster. After all, he doesn’t need money, food and ahome. He should give it to god. That is all.

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