Lost in Spaces.

Last Updated on: 1st April 2014, 10:38 am

Ok, this is just weird. I never noticed this until today, and now I want to know the answer.

Ever since I could type, I was always told to put two spaces after the end of a sentence. I was never told exactly why, except, “It looks good on paper.” They told me not to do it in braille, because braille took up more space on a page anyway, so having an extra space was just wasteful. But I was always told to put two spaces in in print. So I did. It became a habit. Steve was taught the same thing, and given just as much explanation, I think anyway.

Today, Steve was picking through his most recent post. For some reason, he’d had a super hard time getting it right. So he was scrutinizing it, letter by letter, and let out a shriek of “What the hell?” He had noticed that at the end of his sentences, there was only one space!

At first, we thought there were blogger demons afoot. We thought that someone at google had decided that there should *not* be two spaces, and was removing them automatically. This was annoying, since if they decided to think for us on that count, what was next?

Then I wondered if this was some kind of html standard. So I made a very small page with a few sentences on it, because I’m just that geeky, and holy crap, there was only one space after each sentence!

I’d noticed that in a few places,people only separated their sentences with one space, but I just thought they were weird, and sometimes sites where I’d see it were peppered with wonderful pearls of wisdom like Im so cule cuzz Ive got mad sk1llz. So I just thought they didn’t know how to write, period.

This leads me to my question. When did the standard change, and how did I miss the memmo? If I put two spaces after my sentences when I write someone a letter or an email, would they look at what I write and go “Oh, my god, you are like sooo stuck in the early 90’s!” and laugh at me? Or do they even notice? Is this one space thing happening because of the way things look on the screen? Does anybody know?

Now I look like a complete geek. But I’m a puzzled geek. I guess you miss stuff like that changing when you listen to your computer instead of reading the screen with your eyes.

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