Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 19

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:55 am

Here I am, sitting here with my leg up with ice on my stupid knee. I’ve stripped my bed because it’s Thursday and that’s what you do on Thursdays. This morning we go to the busiest part of San Francisco and they try and get us killed, er, test our dogs around subway platforms. This afternoon is freelancing and some people are telling me I shouldn’t go, but I’ve only done 1 real freelance so far, 2 if you count the morning trip to the coffee shop. I skipped yesterday afternoon’s freelance, I feel like I should earn another skip. God damn it I forgot to brush her teeth last night. with all this icing and crap I forgot to do it. Alrighty, I should go to breakfast.

Breakfast was good. Then we went to San Francisco and were in the financial district. I forgot to mention that a bit after David left, Jen called me into the office. I was very scared, but the reason she wanted me to come into the office was because she needs to videotape a session with a student to get her license officially. So today we got videotaped. Little goofhead decided to misbehave. I put the gental leader on her and she was trying to rub it off. But the rest of the walk went ok except she screwed up a couple crossings and we had to rework them. It’s really terrifying when you’re in the street and the instructor yells stop! Oh my god!

My knee still hurts and the sudden jerks that come with doggy-movement don’t help. I got her steadied down to a decent speed, but when we’re in the relieving circle and she starts jerking around in circles, oh my god the pain! I’m icing it whenever I can, but ouch ooch eech ouch! Plus it’s worse whenever I’ve been on the bus for a while.

So in the morning we rode the MUNI whatever that stands for…it’s like a subway. They made me do this thing where the platform was off to the left and I told her to go left and see what she’d do. She turned me 180, but certainly not left. This is because they’re trained to not let you go near the platform when a train is not there.

This afternoon was a freelance route. Because the meatloaf didn’t sound good to a couple people, we decided to go to this pizza joint. It went pretty well, actually it’s been the best route so far. I took a long time to get there because of my stupid knee, but oh well. Darcy, one of the retrain instructors, pretended to be a stranger who wanted to pet Trixie. I think I passed the test though.

I had the funniest conversation with a stranger at a corner. She’s trying to tell me the light is green and asking if I want help. I said no, I knew it was green, thank you. She asked me, as we were crossing the street, “How do you know the light is green?” So I’m explaining traffic and all that stuff as we’re crossing the street. O and M on the fly.

So I get back and my knee hurts and I have to make the bed, etc. but now that’s done. I’m just going to water her, clean her big dish and check my email, I think I’ll leave her on tiedown for that just to give my knee a rest. Oh, I also have to ice my knee and read the other half of the freelance guide. Yea nothing going on this evening.

Oh, Redboy Pizza is friggin’ expensive. 4 bucks a slice! Ouch! And I heard from the technology lady. She’s passing my resume onto Human Resources. Hope for me!

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