Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 21

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:53 am

It’s Saturday. I didn’t sleep very well, and apparently neither did my Trixie-poo. Every time I woke up, I’d hear her moving. When I got up, she was cheerful as ever. But after feeding, when I took her out to relieve, she had diarrhea. So they may need to take another poop sample. The poor baby just kept going and going and going. They say it’s probably just stress that’s doing this to her. Back on the WD we go. Arg. I can’t need two foods when I get home. Grrr! They say it’s nothing I could have done, but you know me and my worries.

This morning is additional sidewalkless or country roads or a freelance route, or in my case, rest time for my poor knee. Then it’s lunch time on GDB’s dime. I think we’re going to this Chinese food place. Mmm Chinese food. Hope they don’t think Trixie is the meal. I’m sorry, that was really really mean. Then this afternoon, if I’m feeling up to it, I’m going to do the bus to lounge. Then I think we’re done for the day, phew. Next week is going to be uber insane, so I have to be up for it. Breakfast sounds good, breakfast borito. Mmm. Then lunch will be at the Chinese food place. Then dinner is prime rib or some salad thing. Mmm prime rib. And the dessert is a bit of a mystery, all it says is it’s Hawaiian delight. I’ll bet it has pineapple in it. Mmm.

It’s really freaky that next Saturday it will be time to graduate. I’m at the last week. Then everything will reach a fever pitch. We’ll have to pack everything up, know what you are and are not supposed to pack. Then I will fall down and relax.

I heard some evil news yesterday. I heard that it’s snowing back home! Steve, say it isn’t so! Well actually tell me the truth. I got an email from one of the places where I volunteer that said, “Hey guys, anyone wanna build a snowman?” I almost cried right in the computer room. Nooo! Snooooow!

Damn I’m hungry. I hope I got this leg brace right. It keeps sliding ever so slightly. If I don’t have the utmost confidence in it, I’m going to see the nurse to make sure it’s good and tight. I think I got it now. Come on, ring the chimes, ring them ring them ring them! I wanna eat eat eat! MmmChinese food! God I’m all over the place today.

Sniffle sniffle. Because I’m staying in, I had to get the nurse to pick me up some lunch so all I’m getting is a turkey sandwich and a pop. I was really looking forward to Chinese food. Sniffle. Oh well, I’ll get take-out on another day.

What a weird morning. I went to the computer room and played around for a while, and then I came back here, played with Trixie and laid down for a bit. Poor Trixie doesn’t know what’s up. She’s restless on her tie-down. I wanted to take her to relieve but because of the diarrhea and them needing to get a sample, I didn’t want to take her out alone. Erggy. I’ve finally heard her bark. That was weird. I was sleeping and the nurse brought me the sandwich, and she barked and barked and barked. I told her to be quiet and I had to come over and give her a little correction. Mmm this sandwich doesn’t look half bad.

Well that was interesting. I went to relieve her and the relieving door locked behind me! So there I was trying to figure out how I was going to get back in. I eventually got in when the buses came back. How embarrassing. At least it wasn’t my fault. The door was supposed to be unlocked. Some dog kept barking. I guess it was one of the instructor’s dogs.

They’re definitely leaning towards me taking the afternoon off. It’s probably a good idea. I think I’ll take this restless one to the paddock and let her run run run. She’s so restless because we didn’t do any workouts.

Apparently I should be glad I missed lunch. Carmen was really rude to the people at the Chinese restaurant and Frank kept trying, and failing, to speak all kinds of Chinese dialects. Oh Frank.

So I’m going to go to the 1:30 meeting and then take her to the paddock so she can get some energy out. My knee feels well enough to get her to the paddock but I’m glad I’m not doing routes.

Oh boy. They’re getting Frank to switch dogs. What the hell? It’s not the dog’s fault that Frank can’t do it, it’s Frank’s fault. Maybe they’re just covering their ass, trying this one last thing, and then that’s it. Poor Frank.

I still haven’t run her in the paddock because I was worried they’d lock me out again. Now I’m worried that it’s too close to relieving time and she’ll leave a present in the paddock. I think I’ll relieve her after doggy grub time, then I’ll take her to the paddock. I think I’ve got it. Let’s hope so. Oh I also wanted an instructor to look at one of her toenails. It’s got a bit of a hangnail and I don’t want her to chew it off and make it infected. I finally caught where she gnaws on her nails and I see why now.

Well, I guess she chewed off the hang naily thing, because when I asked about it, it was gone. When she finally pooped, it was too late to take a sample. Arg Trix. Just poop in the morning.

Man, we’re droppin’ like flies! Jill severely bruised her foot. It seemed like it was broken by the way she fell, and she’s now wheeling around in a wheelchair because she has to stay off it. And poor Sylvia fell in the paddock the other day. Is it normal to have so many classmates get wounded, or are we just a bunch of fragile wimps?

Frank got his new dog, Meg. He’s acting really weird about the change of dogs. He’s talking like the PR person or someone’s lawyer talks to reporters, saying things like “I have no comment, I have no comment.” He kept saying “What happens to Anton is up to the school to decide. He just didn’t suit as a guide dog. I must now focus on my new dog.” I wonder if this is their last attempt to help Frank, and if this doesn’t work out, bye-bye Frank. I don’t know. He doesn’t seem to be doing very well. Everyone’s wondering how he’s going to cope.

Autumn and I took our woofers into the paddock, we heard Beauty’s menacing bark, and Autumn got her foot plastered in poop. She was so mad and so disgusted. It was hillarious.

All that’s left is relieving, then we all get a day off. I plan to do laundry and not much else. Laundry and all things doggy, and rest my leg. I’ll take her to the grassy paddock again, make up for the times I didn’t this week. But now that I think about it, I took her Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday my knee hurt so that makes me feel less guilty about it.

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