Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 20

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:54 am

Man I can tell I’m getting tired. I’m getting up later and later, showering at different times, all that jazz. I collapsed into bed, but I didn’t sleep too well. I tried to elevate my leg by putting it on my extra blanket and pillow, but I guess I didn’t lie too still when I slept. So I’d wake up and it was no longer elevated. Apparently I’m limping pretty badly, so badly that Amy can see it. That’s impressive. And the scariest part of that is I’m limping that badly when I’m just walking without the dog. I don’t think this ice thing is working. It hurts when I put it on. I wonder if heat would have been better.

Today we do a lot of sidewalkless travel, so places where there’s no sidewalk. Then we have lunch, almond chicken something or taco salad and dinner is shrimp and sausage gumbo. Mmm. Dessert is Strawberry pie. Mmm. Then this afternoon after lunch, Bus 1 gets their vet consultations and Carmen, Sylvia and I are going to get lost, er, go to the gift shop and get our stuff ordered. Then we all relieve and head out for sidewalkless.

Man, things are coming apart at the seams. Amy and Jill don’t seem to be getting along, there are few people that Amy would want to keep in touch with, and Frank is getting lost more and more. He was down by my room looking for the library. My room is nowhere near the library. He must be stellor on street corners because he sure has trouble inside. Al says, “I’m ready to get home!” and he’s got tons of patience.

I had to get rescued this morning. I went into the exercise room, got an ice pack, and then Lee came into the room and shut a door. Suddenly feeling a wee bit panicked, thinking she’d shut the exercise room door, I went for the nearest exit, but that wasn’t where I came in from. There’s this problem where retrains smack into us with their dogs, so I was just desperately trying to avoid dogs and got all disoriented. Eventually, Clyde, the sweet organ-player that he is, set me back on the right track. Weirdness there.

This morning they jacked with the obstacle course. They put in an overhead clearance, or something you could bonk your head off of. Here, it’s a bunch of foam rods that don’t hurt and make a lot of noise. So if the dog shows it to you, you say good girl and tap it and then say forward and duck under it. So now I’m going to have to stick my probe foot, the left foot, out, and stick my hand out and look around, all the while hoping my woofer isn’t just up to no good. Then, after a long delay when Frank wasn’t there, we headed out to do country roads. Their technique was stay on the left side of a country road because traffic is more likely to see you on the left. To see if you’re drifting, halt and make a left turn and check your edge. When a car comes down the road, you do the same so you’re out of the way. I made it with minimal pain in the knee, even though my damn knee still hurts and I have to steady steady steady her down. She was real sniffy, and the slower she is, the sniffier she gets. Erg. Heal, you stupid knee.

We’ll get our pictures soon! Heehee! Pictures via email, here we come. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one uploaded to the blog. Heehee, Trixie, you’ll be famous. Ok the chimes are insistently ringing.

Lunch was good, and the pie was awesome. Then Carmen, Sylvia and I went over to the gift shop and that was pure chaos. Too many dogs, dogs and people and no room to move and poor lighting so whatever vision some people had was useless. It took forever to get our orders, but it’s done and I have my stuff bought, complete with Italian charm for my bracelet.

God my room is a mess. Stuff is just wherever I set it. Nothing really has a home. My knee hurts like a son of a bitch but I don’t know what to do about it. Part of me says go see Katherine, but part of me thinks she won’t be able to do anything for me, that what I really need is rest, which I can’t have. They say I can have the morning off tomorrow, which will come in handy. Then tomorrow afternoon is another bus to lounge. After that, I think I can fall down until Monday pretty much aside from doing laundry.

I’m so exhausted. I want to take Trixie to the paddock, but my knee hurts and just the idea of trying to keep her steady and get to the paddock and back is just too much. Plus she’s conked out on her tiedown. I feel like such a gimp. It’s making me worry that I won’t be able to hack the last week of training if this knee doesn’t get better. I don’t know how Amy hacked it with her gimpy ankle. Gotta get through tomorrow. Then I can keal. Just tomorrow afternoon. I’m skipping the morning. I feel sick. Please don’t let this develop into anything bad. Oh please oh please oh please.

I’m officially a limpy gimpy. They gave me a knee brace. I’m taking tomorrow off, or at least tomorrow morning. Probably the whole day. If I don’t, I might be going home a cripple. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the computer tonight, have to take it easy.

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