Have A Hotdog On Me My Friend

Last Updated on: 7th March 2020, 10:31 am

How is it, considering the speed at which new technologies are developed, that we as a society have not yet figured out how to make a decent hotdog bun? You’d think that as important as hotdogs have been to the lives of so many over the years that somebody would have tackled this issue by now, but for some reason that escapes even the part of my brain that will try to a ridiculous degree to understand every side of an issue, nobody has, and I can’t figure out why.

Has nobody but me ever tried to open one of those things only to have it split in 2 rendering it completely useless? Am I the only one who buys the kind that stick together as if somebody in the factory decided that it would be a good idea to glue them shut? Do the people at the grocery store see me coming and say to each other “hey, here comes Steve, put out the ones that go stale if you don’t use them after a day and a half”? That must be what’s going on, because I never hear about anyone working on the issue, and I have yet to hear any kind of protesting or complaining from people other than me calling for action to be taken.

Maybe I shouldn’t get so worked up over this since I know there are far more important issues in the world that deserve my concern, but it burns me up that in an age where with the touch of a few buttons you can find out that your Aunt’s friend’s third cousin’s great uncle’s barber’s accountant really really loves John Mayer or that Sylvia in marketing thinks that Kevin the custodian is sooo totally hot, nobody has given the slightest bit of thought to coming up with a bun that doesn’t burn to a lovely crispy ash flavour when you try to toast it or turn to dust when you decide you’re going to go all out and add toppings this evening.

I say it’s high time that some thought was put into it. The era of allowing the hotdog bun people to profit from our complacency has long since come and gone. It’s time that we the people stood up and made our voices heard. the so-called movers and shakers of the world need to hear about what really matters. They need to know that we will no longer settle for such an inferior product and that we demand change. And if they won’t go for that, we need to at least get them to sit down with the folks at Hamburger Bun HQ and listen to the story of how they managed to get it right.

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