A Good Concert And Some Good Beer…But Only A Few, It’s Policy

Last Updated on: 17th January 2023, 06:39 pm

Something happened to me the other day that has never happened to me before. I got cut off at a bar. Actually it was a bar/restaurant, the Brantford Moose Winooski’s to be specific.

My brother and I had just gotten done seeing the Irish Rovers at the Sanderson Centre on Tuesday afternoon and decided to go for some dinner. The Moose was close and I hadn’t been to one in a long time, so we went there. By the way, if you’re like me and love hot wings, try the suicide, they’re good. The waitress (yes the same one that cut me off later) thought I was insane for eating them and tried to talk me out of it, but I wasn’t having that. You don’t come between a man and his suicide wings even if you do have that man’s best interests at heart.

Anyway, back to the story.

We’re eating, chatting and having a few drinks over the course of a couple of hours when I decide I’d like another beer. I ask for one, but I’m told that I can’t have one because policy says they aren’t allowed to serve more than about 4 drinks to a person. She actually said it was law, but I think it’s policy because even though she said that they’ve been doing it for quite a while there I’ve never run into this problem before, and I’ve been in enough different places in enough different towns that I think I would have come across it by now. The only way it’s law is if it’s a local one, because I don’t get to brantford much anymore which would explain my not seeing it. She seemed genuinely shocked when I told her that, and also genuinely thankful that I wasn’t angry. I guess a lot of people don’t much care for this idea which really isn’t all that surprising, unfortunately. People can be real idiots where booze is concerned, which is why we have to have policies and laws like this in the first place. We aren’t mature enough to have nice things. she went on to tell me that they have to stick to this policy no matter what, even if the person they’re cutting off isn’t at all drunk (which I wasn’t) and even if that person isn’t driving (obviously I wasn’t doing that either) and is just walking down the block. I guess she’s had fights with managers over cases like mine but they won’t budge.

So there’s a warning to you. Not a warning to stay away from Moose Winooski’s because I’d happily go back there, but a warning to be prepared to perhaps get cut off long before you’re finished. And if you do, for Christ’s sake don’t yell at the poor servers. They aren’t trying to kill your buzz or ruin your fun, they’re just doing what they’re told and probably think it’s about as lame as you do.

Switching gears, I mentioned seeing the Irish Rovers. Yes, I actually got to go to a concert that I bought tickets to as a gift for somebody without it being cancelled!

My short review is go if you get the chance, it was so much fun! They didn’t play a single bad song all day, and it was hard not to get up and dance at times…and I hate dancing! I had no idea that they were still recording new music, but they played a few songs from their new album Gracehill fair that were quite enjoyable. Probably gonna have to buy that one. They were also quite funny, interacting with the audience and telling all kinds of jokes and stories. “I kid, I kid. My wife is an angel. Yeah, she flies up in the air and harps all day.” Definitely well worth the money and I want to go back again, now if possible. I can’t think of any other way to end this, so here’s a little taste of what you’re missing if you’ve never seen them.

I’m going for lunch now. I’ll talk to you all later.

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