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Ug. I know there are many and varied things on the internet, some of which are pretty nasty. but this looks like it belongs in a time when there was no internet, in a time when we rode on horseback, held town meetin’s, and if someone got hurt, you had to ride to the next town to fetch the doctor. It does not belong here and now.

Here’s a message to all women. If you find your husband surfing this site, unless he has a damn good explanation and you believe him, file for divorce immediately and run far, far away. Run fast and run far.

Here’s reason 1. It’s called “the Christian Domestic Discipline store.”
Here’s reason 2. At the top of each page are written the following words: Loving wife spanking in a Christian Marriage.

No, we’re not talking about the folks who enjoy a little spanking during sex. We’re talking about spanking for punishment. They wrote a book, and here is the table of contents:

  • What is Christian Domestic Discipline?
  • Advantages of Christian Domestic Discipline
  • Introducing CDD to Your spouse
  • When You Should Use Caution
  • and here’s where I start to get disturbed.

  • Setting Up a CDD Marriage
  • Types of Spankings
  • You guys put way too much thought into this spanking thing.

  • Common Alternative Punishments
  • like what? I’m scared.

  • Common Implements
  • implements? I beg your pardon? What do you people have in mind? When I think implements, I think heavy equipment.

  • Common Spanking Positions
  • Jesus Christ! And I don’t mean that in theChristian sort of way!

  • Spanking for Punishment
  • According to these assholes, I didn’t think there was any other kind.

  • How Much is Enough?
  • What? These people have to rein people in? I get the feeling these guys would rather beat their wives.

  • Emotional Stages of a Spanking
  • For me, there would be one. What the hell was that? You just hit me! I’m leaving! Well, maybe you could divide that into 3. One for each sentence. Now that I think about it, there might be a fourth, in which I wondered how in hell I didn’t realize I married a Chauvinist pig. I’m thinking about this too much. Let’s move along.

  • Uncooperative Wife
  • You’ll find a lot of those in this day and age. Women don’t accept being beaten much anymore. Well, sadly, some still do, but they’re not the majority.

  • Avoid At All Costs
  • I’m afraid to read that section.

  • Bruising/Marks
  • What is this section? Is this the part where the husband tells the wife how she’s supposed to explain them? I feel some rage suddenly.

  • Aftercare
  • Can my jaw drop any further? How hard are they advocating hitting someone that they would need aftercare?

  • Making Love
  • What is this? Make-up sex?

  • Glossary
  • How many terms do you need? Or are they nice words to put on domestic violence?

  • Appendix A: Introducing CDD to Husband
  • This section is likely rarely used. Can you imagine a woman asking her husband to treat her like shit? Come on.

  • Appendix B: Introducing CDD to Wife
  • That section would be interesting to read. What kind of shit can we shovel?

Someone over at Boing Boing got an inside look at this book. This is an excerpt they posted.

Biblically, a man’s right to chastise and discipline his wife is strongly implied. Just as a parent would never stop to ask permission to chastise his child, a husband should not have to obtain consent to discipline his wife; however, our legal system has put him in the position of having to do so. Just as our culture is turned upside down in so many other things, the traditional Christian marriage is no exception.

It is worth mentioning that even Biblically, it is best if the wife submits willingly rather than being forced to obey her husband, and in giving honor to his wife as the weaker vessel, it is good that the husband listen to her thoughts and opinions and try to incorporate them into their lives so that she will be content. In that sense, this discussion of CDD and all it entails is Biblically sound.

Where do I begin? Right to chastize his wife? Where’s the woman’s right to chastize her husband? Our legal system has put him in the position…? Oh the poor guy, having to treat his wife as an equal. The world is going to end. It’s suggested that maybe it’s a good idea that the wife goes along with stuff willingly and it would be nice if the husband consider her thoughts…but that that’s only a suggestion? What kind of marriage is this? Are they next going to recommend that the wife be considered a chattel? Weaker vessel? Words fail me. I just know some of us weaker vessels could kick some men’s asses.

Here’s a scary thought. Which gender does the name Leah conjure for you? For me,it’s female. Since that 64 pages of horror was written by Leah Kelley, I can only assume that a woman wrote it!

This site also sells two products to help with “aftercare”, a bunch of romances involving spanking, some “delicate clothing for the lady of the house,” and that’s about it.

Why did I look at that site? I think it’s more disturbing than any porn you’ll ever see. Well maybe not child porn, but you know what I mean.

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