30 Minutes And You’re Not Free

Last Updated on: 9th February 2017, 09:14 am

I’m a pretty smart guy I like to think, but I’m man enough to admit that taking my advice isn’t always the best idea. for example, when I saidmaking a quick getaway after a robbery wasn’t necessary and that you should have time to go for some food,I neglected to mention that I didn’t mean all the time. Mary Gorsuch of BIDDEFORD, Maineknows this now,but I thought I’d better warn the rest of you just in case.

Just after noon on Monday, 48-year-old Mary Gorsuch of Biddeford is believed to have entered Paul’s Variety on Alfred Street and demanded money from the clerk, claiming she would “blow [the clerk’s] head off” if she didn’t comply.

The clerk gave Gorsuch several hundred dollars, and then watched her walk across the street to a pizza parlor. The clerk called 911, gave police a description of the suspect and told them she had just entered the pizza shop.

Officers found Gorsuch waiting for a pepperoni pizza she had ordered. She was taken into custody and charged with robbery.

the original article then concludes with this.

Gorsuch was already on federal probation for armed robbery of a banking institution in the Bangor area. Police expect that probation will be revoked.

*Expect*? I guess you never know anymore, the legal system being what it is.

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