Tease Someone About Their Religion = Good, Call Someone or Something Gay = Bad. Got It.

Last Updated on: 20th November 2013, 05:14 pm

Here’s another one for the we’re so stupid files.

It goes like this. Teen is made fun of for her Mormon beliefs. Teen gets mad and says “that’s so gay.” Teen is disciplined. NO action is taken towards the people teasing her. Parents sue school to have reprimand removed from teen’s report, and judge stands by school’s position on the issue, saying that it’s a normal part of growing up to be taunted by uncaring bullies. I shake my head and look perplexed.

I know that people don’t like the term “that’s so gay” and I understand why, in principal. But first of all, anyone with a functioning brain should know that in order for something to be considered hate speech, it has to be looked at on a case by case basis, and I don’t think this would be a situation that would warrant a written reprimand and formal discipline. Why not use that on stuff that actually, ya know, needs it?

Second, let’s be fair. If you’re going to reprimand one person for their use of bad words, discipline the ones who were bullying her, and give them more of a punishment because they had been taunting her for a while before she spoke those horrible three words.

Schools really seem to suck nowadays. I’m glad I made it out when I did.

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