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Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 12:03 pm

I think it’s time for an update on the Trixter, along with some things I’ve noticed because of her.

Because of her, I end up spending considerably more time loitering around the outside of the apartment building. I’m not really loitering, I’m waiting for her to do her duty. But anyway, it means more time downstairs, which means I get to observe more weird stuff. I got to see people yelling at our poor property manager and got some juice about someone having ridiculously noisy neighbours. I got to watch two people screaming at each other across balconies. I know all the kids’ names in the apartment building. Speaking of little children in the building, they seem to be leaving me alone more. I don’t know whether Trixie has simply become uninteresting, they got fed up with me going into the bushes, or maybe it’s because a cat scared Trixie in the bushes and now she won’t go in the bushes, only by the fense right beside them. Or maybe it’s because the pool is open now, so they’d rather swim. At any rate, it’s good for me!

I notice that, now that I have Trixie, people don’t say hello to me. they just say hello to Trixie. Yep, she’s the star.

People are funny. They get upset if I give Trixie a correction, but if Trixie is being goofy, they get upset because she doesn’t seem to be behaving like a guide dog should. Well, the only way to stop goofy behaviour is to say no and give her a correction.

I feel sorry for people with pet dogs who Trixie takes an interest in. They feel guilty because their dog distracted mine. I tell them not to worry about it, as long as they have their woofer on a leash.

Speaking of woofers, there’s a big one who, from time to time, thinks it would be a swell idea to bark at us from his yard and run in our direction. I have to ask someone if he’s contained in any way, because he scares me sometimes!

As time goes on, Trixie evolves and I learn more and more about her. She has changed her morning routine. She will come out onto our rug we have in the living room, flop around like a fish and snort. She now likes tug toys, and has already laid waste to one tug toy and has done a pretty good job on another one. Man, those are some pretty lethal jaws. She also thinks that the towel is the biggest play toy in the world and attacks it when I wipe her down after a rain.

She did the funniest thing the other day, although I don’t know if poor Steve found it so funny. She ran at him, sort of made a running jump and shoulder-blocked him right in the groin. He says it didn’t hurt much. Poor guy, he wonders if she has it in for him. If I’m not right there to lay down the law, she’ll try and lick him to death.

She barks a lot less now. Woohoo! That was easy…I hope.

It’s weird that it took me a bit longer this time to find my rhythm. Just when I thought I had it, everything would seem like a ton of work. But I think now, things have fallen nicely into place and what seemed like extra jobs is just part of the daily routine.

Here’s a scary thought. By Sunday, I will have had Trixie longer than I had Babs. During my time with Trixie, she has had no ear infections, and the only trips to the vet were made after I thought she stepped in glass, when my dad noticed her limping a bit, and one day when she wouldn’t stop hacking and horking all over the floor and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious! Things are looking good!

I think that’s about it for now. Hopefully I’m not forgetting a whole bunch of things. Oh well, if I am, it makes for another post. Hope you guys enjoy this stuff.

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