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Last Updated on: 2nd November 2013, 11:20 am

I haven’t done a little post all about Trixie in a while. Here are a few things I’ve noticed over the past few months that I thought needed mentioning.

The shoe thief, who Trixie thinks is all different kinds of awesome, is a big fan of A Boat like Gideon Brown by Great big Sea. In the mp3, it starts after that first little chorus thing…but whenever it gets to the chorus, she will jump up from her bed, run around to each of us, give us a sniff and a lick, dance for a minute and then go back to bed. I can only assume that she likes the song too! I guess she and the shoe thief have similar tastes.

There are things she does that just amaze me all over again. One day, I had to carry a tray with two milkshakes on it. I was hoping for a little more help getting them upstairs, but that didn’t work out. I was sure I would be wearing them, but Trixie walked really really slooowly and gently, and we got them home without incident!

It’s rare that I have her with me while I’m trying to wheel the laundry back from the laundry room, but once, I did, and it was freaky how gently she moved and how she seemed to know to stop when the cart seemed to be shifting in a bad way. Awesome!

But even more amazing was what she did one day when Steve had hurt his ankle and was occasionally needing to hold onto us. Sometimes I would look back and say “Do you need to grab on?” and before I had told Trix to Halt, she stopped. And when he did hold on, she slowed down and walked super carefully. Trix, you really are a genius.

And then there are the freaky things where you wonder if she understands English even more than you dreamed possible. The other day, she was having a sniffy time. So I made her sit, looked at her, and said very quietly, “I will not tolerate this.” And she didn’t sniff another thing all the way to our destination!

Then yesterday, I had her gental leader on her, and we got off the bus to go home. Immediately, she tried to rub it off on me. ” I sat her down and said, “You want to go home don’t you?” When we went forward, she moved purposefully. It was like she knew. Then, when we were getting closer to home, she tried again to get it off. I looked at her and said “The longer you squirm, the colder your paws are getting.” and again, she stopped, stood for a minute, and went the rest of the way without a fight. The logical part of me says there’s no way she would process that, but I just loved the pause followed by purposeful movement. It was like she got the message.

I love those moments when it is solidified that she really knows the difference between harness on and off. I went to visit the Huppy’s family. I went on a store run and brought them some stuff they needed. The huppy’s mom put him on the floor and he started to scooch towards us. I know Trixie loves him, and would love to lick him all over, but she turned and looked the other way, even when the silly huppy tried to eat her leash! Good girl!

And that’s about it. But Trixie is pawing at the keyboard. I guess she has something to say.

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