Introducing Microsoft Eeewww!

Last Updated on: 11th October 2013, 09:34 am

Imagine booting up your computer and going to check your email. As you read a message from your dad talking about the family’s Christmas plans, an ad for Christmas tree decorations appears beside the message. Your friend writes you and is talking about how school is going, and buying textbooks, and ads for bookstores and finding schools near you appear. Then you decide to start writing the essay you have to get done for school, and ads for places where you can get cheap essays and plot summaries spawn in a frame beside your essay. Frustrated, you turn on some music. Every so often, in between your songs, ads for online music stores are played. Is this the case of some idiot filling their computer with spyware? Sadly, no. It’s Microsoft’s vision of the future.

Yep, Microsoft wants to make it possible for advertiser’s to gather data from your personal files to help them target ads at you by allowing the very programs you use to write those files to mine it out and serve it up to them. Personal files. Like the files you don’t want shared with the world. They might have private information in them, information that might lead to having your identity stolen if it fell into the wrong hands, which is very possible if your files are used as fuel for advertisers.

Then, they want to throw those ads in your face by cramming them on the same screen where you’re trying to do productive work. They even want video-editing programs to show video ads! Yeah, because annoying the piss out of your customers is going to make them support the advertisers. Right. What rock has Microsoft been under? Have they not noticed how much people hate spyware and adware? They must have, because they created a program to supposedly help combat it. It’s horribly inadequate and not worth downloading, but they did make one.

Can’t you just imagine the great fun that using a computer running windows will become if this goes through? I doubt it has a chance, but if it does manage to succeed, I’ll seriously consider linux or the Mac.

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