Aww! Johnny Doesn’t Go To College!

Last Updated on: 4th October 2013, 01:48 pm

We wonder where personal responsibility is going. We’re wondering why kids today don’t know that actions have consequences. Well, this story is an example that illustrates that some parents are letting those things go down the tubes.

A bunch of students just had to get into ivy league schools any way they could. So, after careful planning, and over the course of several days, they broke into the school, and the teacher’s filing cabinet, and stole a whole bunch of exams. When this was discovered, because they broke in, the school called the police, and now the kids are facing charges. But this is too much for their parents, who say they shouldn’t get criminal records because it will hurt their chances to get into their precious schools. Boo friggin hoo! Maybe they should have thought about that before stealing the tests and cheating. And who would be the first ones crying foul if other kids cheated and got in ahead of their precious little shnookumses? These same parents!

Now the parents are scrambling, trying to reduce the criminal charges and saying that the school should have handled this internally to protect their beloved little kiddy widdies from the police. No! That’s not how it works. If you break in somewhere, you get charged. I love how one parent says they shouldn’t get in trouble for making one little mistake. Little? It’s a little mistake to orchestrate and carry out several burglaries?

I love the fact that, on top of what the police have charged them with, the little darlings have also had sanctions from the school. Anyone found to have been involved are getting 0 on any exams where they may have gotten stolen information, and guidance counsellors are going to add a little note to their college applications saying that they cheated on exams. And the parents don’t think the school could have stopped them from getting into college, eh?

I know, when I was a kid, if I did something wrong, my mom wanted me to face the full consequences of my actions. If I had broken into the teacher’s desk and stolen tests, she would have marched my ashamed little ass straight into the police station to make me tell them what I’d done. There would have been meetings, I would have had to face the music as she put it.

The sad part is in this case, the school, the police and the prosecutors are trying to be as fair as they can. It’s the parents, the first people to teach these kids about personal responsibility, who are trying to help them run from it.

Maybe this is the best thing to happen to these kids. Maybe the little cutey-pies shouldn’t go to college yet. Maybe they need to grow up first. Hell, it sounds like their parents need to grow up too, but maybe the kids can reverse roles and lead by example.

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