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Today, October 11th, 2007, is a historic day in the history of broadcasting. For it is on this day that I heard something that I thought in all my years I would never hear.

During a contest on
called Verse In Reverse, where part of a song is played backwards and you have to call in and guess what it is, 2 people were actually told they were wrong when they didn’t get the name of the song right. I’ve been listening to radio for years and it’s always driven me nuts having to sit through people winning countless prizes they don’t deserve just because they’re kinda sorta close to correct and some goofy DJ feels sorry for them. I never thought that was how it should work. If you’re right you’re right, and if you’re wrong you don’t get the gift certificate or the concert tickets, it’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re off by 1 or 2 words, you’re still wrong. You wouldn’t be praising your doctor for performing surgery on one of your fingers if he worked on one a couple over from the problem area, would you? You wouldn’t give your mechanic a big thumbs up even though he fixed your carburetor instead of your radiator just because they were both tors and hey, at least he tried, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so, so why should this be any different?

So congratulations to you Y108, you are now my new favourite radio station for no other reason than you had the guts to flash a big fuck you to the radio establishment and do the right thing.

Oh, and for the sake of historical completeness, the answer was Alive by Pearl Jam and I would have been right had I called in. Aren’t I awesome? No need to answer that, because the truly awesome ones today work at CJXY-FM in Hamilton. Cheers to you, fellas!

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