Dear Anti-vandal – Please Put Your Hands Where I Can See ‘Em

Last Updated on: 10th November 2013, 09:14 pm

61-Year-old Janusz Nowak of Sosnowiec, Poland, has had it with vandalism. To show his displeasure, he recently decided to send a message to his local hoods in the hopes that, I guess, they might just see the error of their ways and go out and get new hobbies. His message? “Dear Vandals – please stop destroying the bus-stop.”

His words committed to paper, there was now the matter of how best to deliver them to their intended target. Hmmm, I assume he thought. Bus-stop. Bus-stop. That’s it! I’ll tack this here strongly worded sign to the bus-stop! Once those little no good whippersnappers see this they’ll be volunteering at soup kitchens before you can say Jack Robinson…provided they’re capable of reading it of course.

His plan was, save for one major flaw, the very definition of perfection. You see, placing signage on public property without proper permits counts as, yes, vandalism. Vandalism for which Mr. Nowak was
promptly arrested.

As they may or may not say in Poland, oopski.

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