What A Load Of Horse Shit!

Last Updated on: 12th May 2013, 02:07 pm

Here’s one to twist your brain a little. Patty Cooper needs a service animal. She’s broken her back twice, um, ouch, and is now in a wheelchair. But the animal she has chosen is a horse!

Ok, I can handle that, sort of. It’s a miniature horse, and I’ve heard of guide horses for the blind, even though that seems a little weird to me. If you read more about it, it does make sense. I just wouldn’t want a horse, like some people wouldn’t want a dog. But she wants to keep this beast in her apartment! This would be perhaps fine if…

  1. she didn’t have to have part of her living-room made into a stall.
  2. It didn’t require hay that she wanted the landlords to provide,
  3. and

  4. it didn’t pee on the floor and require the landlords to put in pee-proof flooring!

Ok, there comes a point where accommodating a service animal is too much. What does she say she’s going to do in this whole deal? It sounds like she’s expecting the landlords to do everything. I mean, she’s not even getting the hay!

If she wants a horse, one that is going to urinate and defecate all over the inside of an apartment, maybe she shouldn’t be in an apartment. If she knew how to properly train her horse, she wouldn’t have this issue. the folks at the Guide Horse foundation figured it out. They also said that the horse should have a barn or fensed yard. Maybe she needs to figure out how she can have a place that’s more suitable for….a horse!

I know some people are probably thinking that somebody had to pave the way for service dogs to be accepted in buildings that don’t allow pets, and I agree. But this isn’t paving the way, it’s ripping up the foundation. dogs don’t pee on the floor and need hay and a stall. They crash out on a blanket and do their duty outside. This is, well, a whole different animal!

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