Fahrenheit 198451

Last Updated on: 22nd October 2014, 01:21 pm

Here’s some advice. Just don’t go to Britain. Don’t even go near it, and if you’re there, get out, if you can that is. Why? Cops want to increase surveillance to the point that if you even go in a direction that might suggest that you might be up to something, they will chase you down.

Apparently, all the CCTV’s aren’t good enough. So now, they want to centralize their data, make them good enough for face-recognition, and recognize patterns and start tracking the person who apparently fits the pattern. Are they going to get out the mechanical firehouse hounds of Fahrenheit 451?

And if you’re a kid in a British school, you might be RFID tagged like warehouse inventory. Isn’t that special?

I hope that the servers being used to store all this potential data die from overload before they can really use all this. IT’s too much!

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