I’m Flingin’ My Feces, While I Drive The Bus

Last Updated on: 29th September 2016, 09:46 pm

I don’t think I can speak. I’m just going to let the article do the talking. School Bus feces: School bus driver fired after being caught relieving herself on bus You understand why I’m speechless now?

Neighbors first showed FOX6 where the driver allegedly was dropping off bags filled with her own waste. It was near I-94 and 60th St. One of the neighbors actually caught on camera, the driver in the act of using the bags as a bathroom. A second tape and another witness backs up the acts.

One of the neighbors said, “She took down her pants and turned around and did something you’d probably never do on a bus… The bus would stop right here by the curb, once in a while by the telephone pole.”

The video that neighbor shot shows the driver flicking a cigarette out of the bus, driving down one block and then dumping her own waste along the street.

It’s gross anyway, but I hope she wasn’t doing this with a bus full of kids on there.

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