Some People May Find This Offensive, And That’s Good

Last Updated on: 25th October 2014, 09:05 am

Man, in all the flurry of political correctness, we’re getting stupid. But of course this is no news to anyone. What we’re forgetting is sometimes not sanitizing someone’s words is more useful than not offending anyone.

Let me explain. A while ago, city councilor Sandra Tucker of Dacono, Colorado, copied a big, long, offensive, not so funny joke onto a public blog. Wanna see exactly how unfunny it was? go read a PDF of it. Any blinks who want to read it should feed it through OCR software like Kurzweil or Openbook. I would have copied it to the blog, but when I ran it through Kurzweil, it was coated in garble. But I was able to get the gist of the joke. It sucked. Basically the joke was that being a democrat was worse than being a black, Jewish, gay, drug-addled, one-armed, AIDS-afflicted, unemployed orphan in a wheelchair who had a Mexican boyfriend. *Yawn*. Anyway, they asked her to take the joke down and she resigned.

Why did they even bother to take it down? It would do more to undermine her career to leave it up, put a note under it to the effect of “the views expressed here are those of Ms. Tucker and do not represent the city.” Then people can see the person they voted for for who she really is and make an intelligent decision about whether they want her back. Or, the people can ask her to resign because they don’t feel she represents them properly. Why not expose her for the complete and utter douche she truly is? When will people realize that offending people is sometimes a good thing?

I know she can’t become black or Lesbian, and she can only choose to be Jewish, but it would be fine justice if she became disabled, lost her job and somehow got AIDS. I would wish that her parents died, but they don’t deserve to be part of her bad carma. Then she can take another look at that joke and wonder if it’s funny.

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