Driving Blind

Last Updated on: 8th April 2014, 10:40 am

This story wouldn’t be worth posting, except for the ending. A 100-year-old Japanese man has been involved in several accidents, but refuses to stop driving, even though his license has been revoked. At the end of the story, they say that in 2009, drivers over 75 will be ordered to get checkups for dementia to continue driving. Hey guys, what about checking something else that is important to driving? How about checking eyesight. They never mention sight, and they don’t mention if it’s already being tested when a driver reaches a certain age. People seem to be forgetting that old people tend to lose their vision. And eyesight is easier to check. You can either read the letters or you can’t. Dementia is kind of subjective.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t check for dementia. I just think while they’re at it, they should take a look at the old peepers.

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