My Zebibah is Bigger Than Your Zebibah

Last Updated on: 5th February 2015, 05:48 pm

So, explain this to me. If according to Islam, everybody is supposed to pray the same amount, and men and women are both supposed to pray, and it always involves putting your nose and forehead to the ground, how come Egyptian men are just now developing a zebibah, egyptian for raisin, or callous developed from pressing their foreheads into the ground? And how come some people have bigger ones than others? I know everyone has varying degrees of sticking to religion, but it seems that Muslims stick a lot closer to the rules than people in other religions, so you wouldn’t think there would be that much variation. And why is this a new thing? All I can think is I don’t think it’s getting there from praying, and…ouch that’s gotta hurt!

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