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Last Updated on: 25th April 2012, 03:16 pm

>I don’t know how I feel about this one. I’m completely and utterly torn. Juliana Cumbo worked to become an accupuncturist. She’s passed the board exams and has done tons of practical work. But the board of acupuncturists in Texas refuse to grant her a license. Why? She’s blind, so they’re scared that she won’t be able to find the points or notice bleeding if it happens.

I’d be with them, except for that whole part about her having experience and passing the board exams. I’ve got news for them. Sighted folk screw up more than they’d like to admit. The truth is she’s probably worked harder than lots of people to make sure she’s got it right. If I actually wanted to have someone stick needles in me, I’d just want to make sure whoever I got was good. I’d probably have a few extra questions for her, even being blind myself, but if I could be convinced that she was good and I would be safe, then she can go ahead.

But here’s the part where I get worried. If they don’t grant her license, she’s thinking about suing on the grounds of ADA, which she seems to have the right to do. But I’m worried that will push things in the other direction, and make everybody scared to refuse people where there is a case for refusal.

Ug. Why can’t people keep an open mind so this lawsuit crap doesn’t have to happen?

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