Send This On To Ten People…And Regret It!

Last Updated on: 24th February 2017, 01:58 pm

This is beautiful in a Craig Shergold sort of way, only better.

Apparently, about 3 years ago, an email started circulating about a poor little boy with a tumour encroaching on his juggler, hahahahaha you mean jugular? Nope, it says juggler vein. The email asked people to pray for him, send the message on, and when it got 1000 names, send it back to an address so they could show the boy how many people cared for him.

Well, in its travels around the net, it landed in the inbox of one Peggy Lesley. Peggy decided to send it on, but as she did, she left her signature at the end. since the original email was pretty light on details while it talked about juggler veins, people assumed that Peggie Lesley must be the original sender. And this is where it gets fun.

“I wish I would not have sent that e-mail,” Peggy Lesley said. “I can’t take it back now. It’s everywhere.”

“People are e-mailing me. They’re asking me questions about this child,” she said. “I had some woman call me who said, ‘I had a brain tumor and this is how I got rid of it.'”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I wish that happened to more people who send out chain emails. If it did, it would cut back on the bull that circulates on the internet. People would be more likely to do their research and determine whether a given email asking for help is a cause that has a root in truth, is a hoax, is something that was true years ago but no longer is, or what before slamming forward, shoving their whole addressbook in there with no regard for privacy of the recipients or authenticity of the story, and hitting send. “Hell, what could it hurt?” they think. Ask Peggy Lesley what it can hurt.

I wonder if she’s still fielding calls and emails. I guess she is, since the Snopes story was last updated February 13. It does illustrate one thing. Forwards get around easily. It’s just sad that whenever that ability manifests itself in a powerful effect, it’s usually a negative one.

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