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Last Updated on: 12th November 2020, 08:10 pm

Yesterday I got the chance to talk a little with Tom Seefurth, who you’ll probably know better as the Pizza Beer guy.

He seems really nice, and from the tone of his emails, it looks like there’s nobody more surprised about how much attention this stuff is getting than him.

He mentioned a boatload of appearances and interviews that he’s done and looking to do beyond the ones he left in the comments on the original post, and he says he’s even hoping to get on Letterman to do is pizza from the roof of a building stunt. I hope they have him on and let him do it, it would be perfect for the show since they’ve done wacky stuff like that in the past.

He also told me that the beer has its own website now, located at It’s still a work in progress, but more info will be added soon. Unfortunately he’s not selling the beer through the site right now and I’m not sure if he’s planning to in the future, but hopefully he will at some point because I still really wanna try it!

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