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Last Updated on: 14th April 2014, 11:53 am

Wow. Two random thought posts in one week? That doesn’t happen very often. Off we go.

Last night, we were doing the old flip around the music channels thing again, aren’t we predictable? This time, what grabbed our attention was an English kids’ song. It sounded like that song “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”, with some improvised changes. Ok, fine. But the ending killed me. It seriously said “the bus on the bus goes bus bus bus.” What? What does that even mean? I know kids’ songs have some jibber in them, but that’s just ridiculous. And then we wonder why kids are getting dumber. Nothing designed for them has any messages anymore. It’s just meant to keep them busy and out of the way.

I know no one except people who live in the Guelph area will get this, but oh well. Does anyone else think that the radio commercial for Barry Cullen silverado is saying “great fuckin’ name”? I know it’s great truckin’ name, but I always think the other. Maybe I’m just demented. Yup, probably that’s it. But I’ve managed to spread my dementedness to friends, and they want to sing it my way too.

I had two dreams I wanted to write up here because they’re just weird. One dream I had months ago. I dreamed I was having trouble with Trixie, and I called Chuck, the field rep. After explaining all my difficulties, he said in his calm, teaching voice that he has, “Well, there’s only one thing to do. You have to turn Trixie in at the police station. We’ll come pick her up there.” I cried, and cried, and cried, but that’s what he said I had to do. So, off to the station I went. When I got there, and tried to turn her in, I couldn’t let her go. I cried some more. It was like an unending stream of tears. I finally handed her over, but through some kind of slight of hand, I got her back, and walked out of the station with her! Once I realized I’d gotten away, I just ran faster, hoping they’d never figure it out. They never did. Weird dream.

The other dream I had just happened a couple of nights ago. I dreamed that I ran into a rabid dog. But it was the weirdest rabid dog ever. It just stood there growling and foaming. It didn’t lunge, bite, or anything. It just stood there as if it was frozen. I had time to run and get someone, tell them to get a gun,and come back, and there it stood, gurring and foaming still. That was just strange. It must have been because of my post about the rabid puppies.

I’ve bitched about my computer so many times on here that I can’t think of one particular post to link to. I just know that ever since this computer was brought to me in November of 2004, it has sucked. Even with a windows reinstall and the addition of a decent sound card, it has continued to suck. You know it’s a screwed up computer when a good tech stares at it and says, “Uh, any ideas on how this thing opens?” Now, hopefully, its woes are over! Why? I have more ram for it!

You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference some more ram can make. Now, when I leave it alone and come back, it just pops back into action. There’s no five-second drag and another few seconds when I change windows. Yea! It might make its final year and a half without hobbling!

My Mushers’ secret arrived my Mushers’ Secret arrived my Mushers’ Secret arrived! Can you tell I’m happy? So far, it’s already seeming like more of a success. When I put it on her, she doesn’t try to run away from me in disgust. She just lays there and lets me rub it in. Plus, her paws already feel softer. Hopefully this does the trick! I’m running out of options, so this had better do it!

I noticed something weird at the bottom of a spam. I forget why I read a whole spam the other day, but I did. At the bottom, it said that Norton had scanned this email and all attachments, and no infection was found. Well, that’s what it tried to say, but it spelled things wrong. Apparently Norton folks can’t spell, and were completely fine with saying that “noinfection was found.” Or, maybe the spammer was writing a fake virus-free certification. Yeah, I’ll go with that one. This is why those stupid “no viruses found in this outgoing email” things are useless. Everybody, get your own antivirus solution and don’t trust other people’s.

And that’s about it. Hopefully you enjoyed my random pile of thoughts.

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